Research & Product Development

The new era of cannabis requires every single step to be intentional. And data will only get you so far. Our analysts and strategists cater everything towards an intentionally defined audience and encourage clients to move beyond the status quo that so many brands in the cannabis industry uphold. We encourage our clients to strive to bring innovative products, services and experiences to the market for the modern consumer.

Sales & Marketing

Creating a relentlessly relevant brand requires more than advertising, data and technology. Our team of experts – strategists, researchers, designers and marketers – have a deep-rooted understanding of consumer engagement, brand attachment and advocacy.

Brand & Experience

Want to ignite greater brand passion and drive growth? Consumers connect with humans, not with brands. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is obsessed with helping cannabis brands gain sustainable competitive advantage by deploying the engagement tactics that cut through the noise and create something with lasting value for consumers.

Culture & Internal Engagement

Business transformation and growth starts from the inside out. Our team of skilled experts understands the power of frontline employees and the importance of a co-created and engaging culture. The result: workers who are brand evangelists.

Brand Ignition Workshop

Kickstart your journey to creating a legacy brand. The Indelible Brand Ignition Workshop will light up the realities of this new era of cannabis, and will walk your team through the philosophies that inspire customer attachment and fanaticism.

The Art of Apocalypse Preparedness

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” It’s a tale as old as time. This workshop will guide your brand through the artistry needed to navigate the pot apocalypse, so you emerge on the other side unscathed and on the path to leaving a lasting impression on the industry.


Not only are we obsessed with helping brands leave a permanent impression on the cannabis industry—we’re compelled to share our philosophies with others! Our roster of experienced speakers are available to speak to audiences around the world. No matter how big or small the group we will light a spark that will have your brand yearning to leave their mark on the industry.

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    The Pot Apocolypse by Owen Reader

    What does the
    future hold?

    Find out what cannabis brands need to do now to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage that will allow them to survive the pot apocalypse.